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Summer Assignments

College APUSH:

summer assignment 2018

IB World History:

2018 IB world history Summer Reading Assignment

APUSH: Civil Rights Doc Analysis Assignments

Civil Rights & Social Justice Movements

6 Civil Rights Primary Sources

8 Social Justice Readings

APUSH: WW2 Powerpoint

This would be helpful to use for review:

WWII impacts on Americans


The New Deal and Alphabet Soup worksheet

APUSH: Women’s Suffrage

Complete the chart by selecting ONE document below and utilizing the timeline.

chart to complete for suffrage lesson

Discourse on Woman from suffrage assignment reading for 1st historical period

One Hundred Years Towards Suffrage  timeline

trial of Susan Bf anthony from suffrage assignment from historical period 2

Woman suffrage by federal constitutional amendment from suffrage assignment historical period 3

APUSH: Triangle fire reading and questions

2016 triangle reading

triangle fire doc analysis questions

APUSH: Lewis Hines photo analysis

Using the photos by famous photographer, Lewis Hines, complete the chart and the timeline 3 deductions. Due Tuesday for A days, Wednesday for B days.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

photo analysis chart

Timeline of Child Labor in the US

APUSH: Economics of Gilded Age Assignment

Economics in the Gilded Age analysis worksheet directions for students

Part C- Too Big to Fail analysis article of RR’s impact on gilded age

Part D-antitrust laws worksheet

Part E-labor unions chart to fill out

APUSH: American Colossus reading on the Gilded Age

American Colossus reading

American Colossus reading

APUSH: Why the South seceded-document analysis

Answer the questions on the assignment sheet using the two documents below. Due Monday, Dec. 11 for B days and Tuesday, December 12 for A days.

why did secession occur assignment

SC ordinance of secession excerpted

cornerstone of the confederacy speech by A stephens