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Advice from 2018-2019

Ranked in order:

1. Read the book and thoroughly complete the outlines/notes–they will save you in the end.

2. Go to the AP test prep sessions-they REALLY help!

3. Take notes and keep them organized in your binder-it creates a great review!

4. Ask questions-Mrs. Snyder is really easy to talk to so get to know her.

5. The ID terms are a pain, but they are really worth it on the AP test so know them well.

6. Remember that this class isn’t about memorizing dates or the order of presidents by the significance of events and how America has changed over time.

7. Discuss, discuss, discuss-be active in the class and you’ll be amazed by how much you learn!

8. Know your top 40 events-they really help on the test and seeing the entirety of the class in perspective.