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APUSH Summer Assignment

1. Read “note-taking guide” and complete Cornell-style notes for chapters 1-2. No more than 2 pages front to back hand-written for each chapter OR 1 page-front to back typed for each chapter!

2. Read Kaleidoscope article then read over the HAPPY anaysis chart. Write out the historical context, audience, purpose, POV and why/synthesis as well as the American freedom question based on the article.  kaleidoscope of early america reading & Happy analysis chart

3. Read pp. 10-13 from “Encounter” and consider this question while you read: To what extent did indigenous populations in the Americas differ?  Write a thesis answering this question on paper in blue/black ink. A thesis has 4 parts: it clearly answers the question, it is arguable, it is a road map and it includes 3-5 pieces of evidence. You may have difficulty doing this because you might not have written a thesis statement before, but just TRY.  encounter reading

5. Complete the US map by labeling it like EXACTLY the map on pg 13 in your text-include the legend, title, and color-code it the same way: blank us state map

6. Study the 50 states.

7. Complete the “things to do to prepare for the school year” on your summer assignment sheet given to you at the end of the school year. It is also available on the front page of this website.