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Note-Taking Guide

Here are two examples on how to take Cornell notes. Note-taking in history classes is a key skill. You will be presented with detailed information either in lecture or written format and it is important for you to extract the most important pieces of information. Also, notes provide a resource for you to study from. But sometimes if you don’t have the “right” information, or too much information, it can be overwhelming to study. So, Cornell notes help you organize, consider, question and summarize the information. They also¬†provide an easy “study” framework.¬†You will use this method throughout the school year with each chapter in the textbook. So why not get started? Read and take notes in Cornell style on Chapters 1-2 (minimum) in your APUSH textbook. See the example to know how to set up your notes. They can be hand-written or typed.

**These are also easy to organize when typed–just select 2 columns option in Word-or use the Cornell template and provide your summary at the bottom. The summary is the MOST important part so take your time with it!!!

cornell notes

cornell system

cornell notes example