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Unit 1-Independence Unit

1. Brainstorm ideas why Latin American nations, Canada and the US would want to be independent. Write them down with title, “Unit 1: Reasons for Independence”

US Independence:  essay-questions-over-us-independence

2. Thursday’s reading for causes of the American revolution chart: causes of american revolutionary war reading

3. Thursday’s reading for key debate to answer questions: key debate on american revolution causes

4. Read and take notes over extension-of-revolutionary-war-reading-ch-2-section-4


5. Haitian Revolution:

Effects of HR on the world assignment:

group 1 impact of haitian rev on rest of world docs

group 2 impact of haitian rev on rest of world docs

primary source analysis for HR group on world effects

timeline of haitian revolution

Helpful HR resources:

Haitian Revolution 1791-1804




6a. South America independence reading:

latin american independence reading from IB book

7. Bolivar vs. Washington

bolivar chart

bolivar primary sources

washington leadership assignment

8. Mexico, Southern S. America, & Brazil’s independence readings:





9. Monroe Doctrine reading: monroe-doctrine-reading


10. Exam Questions:

Unit 1 Test questions to study

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