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Unit 2-Civil War Unit

1. Rebellions Readings and “presentation”

rebellions presentation





2. Make a VISUAL ESSAY (video, voice over powerpoints or prezis, photographic essay, display that follows a pattern…) answering this question covering all parts of the IB rubric: To what extent did Westward expansion (from 1820-1860) create problems about slavery  that lead to the US Civil War (1861-1865)?

Resources and things to consider…voiceovers/music in powerpoint and prezi (make sure either one just “goes on its own” when you start it!

https://www.wevideo.com/   –free, online video editor

https://infogram.com/  –create infographics and reports

http://www.thinglink.com/   —-free, online, video creator

Like to do photography instead?


What about a movie poster? trading cards? Try


3. Go to this website: lincolnasgreatcommunicator.wordpress.com. Go to “speeches” and select 1 of the first 4 speeches listed: Lyceum, Peoria, House Divided, or Cooper Union speech. Read and view all the information concerning the speech available on the page.

For the speech you selected, complete OPVL and state how Lincoln viewed the issue of slavery and what, if any, solutions he offered for the issue. Consider what his main arguments were and the reasoning/evidence behind his argument(s).

4. View the following:african american population in 1860 with charts and write 3 conclusions based on the information.

ENRICHMENT!! (this is optional!) Read the following and provide a 1-page response (typed, 12 point font, 1 inch margin) to the question based on the article (not on your own opinion): According to the article, was the Civil War inevitable? Explain. Due Monday, Oct. 27.


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