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Introduction to Civil War:

  1. uncle tom’s cabin lengthy excerpt

2. Due Tuesday, 11/7: Utilize Cornell note system on this reading, additionally, answer the 3 questions in the intro and short, succinct paragraphs (3):  cotton economy 

2.Read the following excerpts and answer the questions from this packet: due 11/17  slavery documents

a. “On the Conduct of Managers, overseers, driver and slave”

  1. How does this source help you understand the positions of overseer, driver and slave on a plantation (In other words, how did the plantation system work)?
  2. What do you further understand about slave life?
  3. Connect this reading to the rebellions-how might this reading be connected to the slave rebellions?

b. “An Introduction to the WPA slave narratives” Select ONE. Names and place are found on the 1st page of the narrative in the upper lefthand corner.

  1. What was the Freedom Writer’s Project and when and why did it begin?
  2. How does reading former slave narratives help you understand the harsh realities of slave life in the US?

c. SC Court of Magistrates State vs Joe, Henry

  1. Complete OPCVL for this document. Consider what is valuable or limiting in regards to O, P and C.

Read and notes over the following: due 11/17:

origins of civil war reading 33-39

3. Read and notes over sectionalism and economic strengths:


4. Read and take notes over Mexican American War and Manifest Destiny leading to CW:



5. Readings over Confederate & Union War Effort and their Military Leaders: presentation due


6. Readings over Reconstruction




3. Next, go to this website: lincolnasgreatcommunicator.wordpress.com. Go to “speeches” and select 1 of the first 4 speeches listed: Lyceum, Peoria, House Divided, or Cooper Union speech. Read and view all the information concerning the speech available on the page.

For the speech you selected, complete OPVL and state how Lincoln viewed the issue of slavery and what, if any, solutions he offered for the issue. Consider what his main arguments were and the reasoning/evidence behind his argument(s).

3. View the following:african american population in 1860 with charts and write 3 conclusions based on the information.

ENRICHMENT!! (this is optional!) Read the following and provide a 1-page response (typed, 12 point font, 1 inch margin) to the question based on the article (not on your own opinion): According to the article, was the Civil War inevitable? Explain. Due Monday, Oct. 27.

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