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Unit 4-Latin America Pol. Developments Post WW2

Subtopic #1. The Cuban Revolution:

intro to cuban revolution with context and questions

cuban revolution goals, reforms and effects chart


Castro websites:2018 castro web addresses

Due: 4/5: castro and communism doc analysis chart

Reading due Monday, 4/9: castro’s policies reading

Due: decade of revolution in cuba with documents

Putting all you learned about Castro and the Cuban revolution together, write an IB essay (you may utilize in-text citations) demonstrating your analysis of Castro’s impact on the politics, economics and social structures of Cuba. Essay is due at the beginning of class (on Canvas) Friday, April 13!

Subtopic #2-Peronism and Populism:

Peron’s governance reading

Museum Exhibit Requirements:

2017 IB HOTA museum exhibit directions

Research list for resources on museum exhibit on dirty wars