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Unit 3-Mexican Revolution Unit!

  1. Potential TEST questions! mex rev essay questions
  2. Revolutionary leadersĀ :SACADDM08618020107510.pdf –only need to read your person/part to pg 52

3. Soldedaras:

Read the 4 excerpts on soldedaras. Complete the chart-turn in on Tuesday.

Dolores Jimenez y Muro

Hermila Galindo


chart on soldedaras

Then read the article on soldedaras and answer the questions completely to turn in on Tuesday.

soldedaras essay for students

4. The Results of the Revolution: the 1917 Constitution Mexican Constitution

5. Cristero Revolt Source Analysis: why calle opposed the church sources for paper 1 practice

6. Post Revolutionary War Leaders Reading: post revolutionary leaders reading

7.Readings on impact of Cardenas:

Cardenas education reform reading

Cardenas land reform reading

Cardenas RR and oil reform reading

Cardenas supporters and opposers reading

8. Impact of the US on the Mexican Revolution: US impact on mexican revolution doc analysis