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Nat Turner sources

Nat Turner Documents and Lesson Plan


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APUSH: Jackson article and ATP

Especially for block 4 students on Monday:

Read this article:Jackson article

complete this analysis: ATP worksheet

This is due TUESDAY for block 6-7 students!

APUSH: Reformer Resume and Roundtable

Due WEDNESDAY for block 4, TUESDAY for blocks 6-7!

The Reform Era movements and people

ROLEPLAY ROUNDTABLE RUBRIC-tells you how to earn your score for the roleplay

Reformer Resume-tells  you what you need to include in your resume


The first presidencies

APUSH: How to get others involved in “Revolutionary” effort…

Complete the chart:chart on getting people involved with rebellion in the colonies On the back side, write your thesis and the context paragraph. All due Friday for A day students, your part ONLY for B day students on Thursday.

documents 1-4 individual resistance

documents 5-7 larger scale resistance

documents 8-9 all colonies and canada resistance

APUSH: Great Awakening documents and assignment

docs for dbq GA analysis

2017 How to write a dbq using the great awakening

APUSH: Slavery in America Assignment

For A days, please complete by Friday; for B days, please complete by Thursday (in addition to studying for the period 2 assessment):

slavery in america assignment

enslaved people’s experiences

patterns of slave resistance

The Origins of Slavery Zinn and racism

DMACC 150-3/APUSH: Things to do to prepare for the school year:

  1. Get a a 3 ring binder (1.5inch min.), 9 divider pages, blue/black pens, pencils and paper. Everything stays in this binder for the entire year to create a “review book” for the May 2018 AP exam. Make sure your computer can print.
  2. Print off and place in your binder the papers listed below (it helps to have plastic document cover sheets). You are responsible for this information-all can be found under “AP US history:”
    • AP US History Course Overview
    • syllabus
  3. Read and sign the AP agreement found on our class website. Acknowledge and understand you are taking a college class.
  4. Look at the chapter presentation rubric and template-we will discuss 2nd week of school.
  5. Print off and study the “top 40” events in history-found on our class website. A quiz will be given in November.

US Women in WWI-Article by Tae Kim

How does your analysis compare to this historian’s analysis of women working in WW1?

women’s work at home during wwI