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US Women in WWI-Article by Tae Kim

How does your analysis compare to this historian’s analysis of women working in WW1?

women’s work at home during wwI

APUSH: US response to Holocaust Video

WW1 3-part series begins on PBS tonight in honor of US joining 100 years ago

The Great War Premieres Tonight!

“Sprawling and engrossing!” — TV Guide

Get your popcorn ready, make yourself comfy and check your local listings! (PBS-Channel 11) Make sure to join us at 9/8c tonight for Part 1 of The Great War. We’ll explore America’s tortured, nearly three-year journey to war. American neutrality, eroded by reports of German atrocities and submarine attacks on American ships, finally led to Wilson’s proclamation that “the world must be made safe for democracy.” The Great War continues Tuesday and Wednesday nights at 9/8c.

Block 6 APUSH-Guest speaker on Thursday!

Read 1 or both of these excerpts from the historian coming in on Thursday.  If you prepare notes and ask questions in class, you will be allowed to turn in notes for enrichment. Anyone not in block 6 is also welcome to do this as well.

His name is Dr. Edward O’Donnell and he is an expert on Gilded Age history. The two excerpts are from his most recent book and focus on the reformer, Henry George. You read testimonies from Henry George on labor relations in class! He will discuss what caused the Gilded Age, its turmoil and changes; then he hopes to engage you in a discussion to compare and contrast today’s age and discuss whether or not we are in a second Gilded Age.

ODonnell – HG and Crisis – excerpt 1

ODonnell – HG and Crisis – excerpt 2

The civil rights assignment is still due for all blocks; however, block 6 will not have period 8 terms quiz until next Monday.

APUSH: CR document analysis

Civil Rights Assignment due Thursday/Friday:

1950s Affluence DBQ documents

documents on 1950s affluence

Charts due Monday/Tuesday of next week along with chapter 25.

APUSH: Truman presidency assignment

truman presidential years packet assignment

APUSH: WW2 Excerpts

korematsu majority and dissenting opinions

questions for howard zinn’s excerpt about bombings,

impact and changes during the war Zinn’s excerpt on a people’s war and the bomb

APUSH: Primary sources for women’s suffrage assignment

If you have historical era #1, read this source:Discourse on Woman from suffrage assignment reading for 1st historical period

If you have historical era #2, read this source: trial of Susan Bf anthony from suffrage assignment from historical period 2

If you have historical era #3, read this source: Woman suffrage by federal constitutional amendment from suffrage assignment historical period 3

Here is the overall timeline: One Hundred Years Towards Suffrage

chart to complete for suffrage lesson

APUSH: Triangle Shirtwaist Fire Sources

triangle shirtwaist factory fire reading