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Authoritarian States

Defining authoritarian vs democratic states:



Further reading:


1. Rise of authoritarian states: rise_to_power_textbook_reading_chapter_1_section_2

Answer these questions: (can be informally)

  1. What was the effect of the First World War in the development of authoritarian regimes?
  2. How did the economic situation in the inter-war years contribute to the development of authoritarian regimes?
  3. Which countries became dictatorships in the inter-war years?
  4. What effect did the Second World War have on the acceptance of authoritarianism?
  5. Why did dictatorships flourish in the twentieth century?

2. Rise of authoritarian states: Historical events presentations readings to get you started:

decline of international diplomacy reading on rise of authoritarian states

league of nations reading on rise of authoritarian states

versailles treaty reading on rise of authoritarian states

economic depression reading on rise of authoritarian states



3. Stalin’s rise essay questions to select from-due Oct. 1 in CANVAS: 2017 IB stalin assignment

Select from the following:

1. Analyze the conditions in which Stalin rose to power in Russia.

2. Analyze the methods Stalin utilized to establish his power.

3. Compare and contrast historians’ reasons why and how Stalin rose to power in Russia.

4. 5 Year Plans: What was St alin’s impact on domestic policy?

achivements of 5 year plans

5. Systems of oppression:

Intro to Stalin’s gulags: rise-of-gulags-reading



gulag secret tapping code

6. Stalin review questions: Stalin Review questions




chart on conditions of hitler’s rise

8. What methods did Hitler use to gain power? Jigsaw the following sources using the chart: chart on methods to jigsaw



section_c_-_role_of_sa(1) section_



section_f_-_conclusion-complete the questions

Then, write a paragraph summarising your views on why the Nazis became the largest party. Be prepared to discuss your position with the class next lesson. Refer to each of the relevant factors – and think about what someone might say to criticise your viewpoint

Hitler’s willing executioners? hitlers-willing-executioners

Questions for Schindler’s List questions-to-consider-and-write-essay-for-schindlers-list

Power of SS and Gestapo reading with questions: how_powerful_were_the_ss_and_gestapo

web chart on nazi impact on women



  1. Read, take notes and complete the worksheet: Mao’s rise to power from 1911-1949 reading researching_the_emergence_of_mao



Rise of specific leaders for presentation readings:





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