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1. How did Mao become the leader of China?

2. In pairs, create an online timeline using officetimeline.com or vizzlo.com

3. Resources to help you create the timeline but you’ll need to do additional research on your own: 2016 Mao in first civil war, the_long_march,  the_long_march_map(1)

4. What to have in the timeline:

a. Mao’s rise to power from 1919-1937. Include a brief description of each event (30 words max). Minimum of 12 events required. Consider weaknesses of others too!

2.What were the most important events in Mao’s rise to power? Why? (identify at least 3 events)

3.Why was China such an unstable nation in the early 20th century?

4.Why do you think that the Long March was later afforded such an important place in Maoist propaganda?

5.Why had Mao Zedong emerged as the leader of the CCP by 1937?

6. Why does your timeline stop at 1937?

5. Mao’s domestic policies assignment/document analysis: Impacts of the Domestic Policies of Great Leap Forward