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part 2 choices reading

part 2 questions

Roleplay readings:

cabinet mission packet

cabinet mission position

congress party position

muslim league position

sikhs’ position

unionist party position

Epilogue reading

Answer these questions:

Why was there so much violence between Hindus and Muslims in 1946-47?

In general, did India benefit from Indira Gandhi’s leadership?

In what ways has India (which is secular) been plagued by religious issues?

In your opinion, what are Pakistan’s 3 greatest problems?

Describe what you think the relationship between Pakistan and India will be 50 years from now?

Further Partition-Kashmir. Read the following and take notes to discuss on Friday!


Post Gandhi/Independence:

democracy in post independent india reading

Get to the know the INdian Constitution!

Indian Constitution layout with questions for students

INdian constitution

preamble and rights

Impacts on Society:

impact of democracy on indian society

impact of democracy on indian society continued

Essay Test Questions:

essay questions over indian democracy