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South Africa

South Africa:

Effects of Gold and Diamonds being found in 1886 South Africa (list)

For your assignment on the historiography of the SA War, you need to read the beginning page and then the reading to which you are assigned. You are responsible for teaching others about your historians’ POV based on these questions: 1. What did the historian utilize to develop his/her argument? theme? class? etc. 2. What is the historians’ argument? 3. Do you agree-why/why not? Strengths and weaknesses of argument? Then, individually, select one question to write a paragraph response: 1. Write your own historiography of the SA War 2. C/C 2 historians’ perspectives. Turn in.

beginning page of historiography of SA war

Cammack historiography SA

Jaarsveld SA historiographty

Marks historiography of SA war

Thompson SA historiography

Perspectives on South African War: Read and take notes over each. Select one to complete OPCVL.

Africans in SA War

Afrikaner POV on SA War

Boer commando POV in SA War

concentration camps in SA war

Post South African War reading–take notes, come to class prepared to answer questions and/or discuss

post SA War reading

Please read and take notes on pp 21-25 for Monday’s (4/9) class: nature of apartheid reading

group ds questions on nature of apartheid reading

Read and take notes over AND complete the paper 1 questions on pgs 36, 40 and 43. Due Friday, April 13: Laws cementing apartheid and bantustan system

Readings for

my spirit is not banned women in SA

pan african congress reading

women’s charter

FREEDOM CHARTER: freedom charter

Readings for

sharpeville massacre reading

Readings on F

rivonia trial reading1

If you want to read the entire speech from Mandela at the Rivonia trial, here it is: http://www.historyplace.com/speeches/mandela.htm

S Africa in 1964 with acts

south africa in 1964

reading on bus boycotts to rivonia trial

Choices: To fight or not to fight?

Choices-Cape town residents

Choices-option 1

Choices-option 2

Choices-option 3