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1-This reviews all forms of the test–SOME of the information is directly tied to our units of study, others are not so you can skip those.   ib_studyskills_papers1_2_3_jleech

2- This is the layout of all 3 IB papers. IBhistorypaperslayout1

3-Don’t forget about HOTA: Syllabus for IB HOTA 2015-2016

4-Website that has a CrAzY amount of past paper TWO test questions–make sure to look at topics 1 and 5 because that’s what we studied. http://www.tracesofevil.com/p/old-ib-history-exam-questions.html (Ignore the paper 3 examples because we didn’t study Middle East-we studied History of the Americas)

5-Paper 3 Questions: paper 3 master list 2011


7-Paper 1 help:The Paper 1 Bible 2015 11 17

8-Rubrics:description and rubrics for papers 1 and 2

9-powerpoint for review night: Ib history review


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