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WW2 Readings

Effects of WW2:effects of ww2

Holocaust Reading:


Atom Bomb Readings: please read in this order

1. Personal Writings of Truman: Truman’s diary entries on the bomb

2. The decision to drop the bomb by historian Martin Sherwin

3. Interview with Pal Tibbets, pilot of Enola Gay: paul tibbets interview

4.just and unjust wars and the bomb AND just and unjust wars and the bomb page 2

5. Fiction Packet: Black Rain and Barefoot Gen: Black Rain and Barefoot Gen

*Take notes over each reading that focus on the causes of using the atom bombs and the effects.*

Pearl Harbor reading

kagan’s origins of war beginning of ww2 to austrian takeover

FDR and Grew’s letters

The_Nanjing_Atrocities_Crimes_of_War_1– Please read the foreward and chapter 4=write notes/thoughts/reflections etc.

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